Dry Cabernet Sauvignon


Wine Elaboration

The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is discharged and immediately the grape must along with the grape skin goes through tubes to the fermentation vats (for the color and aromas extraction) where selected yeasts, sulfur dioxide, enzymes and fermentation activators are added. The fermentation temperature is controlled, around 78°F to 82°F for a period of 8 days, thus achieving wines that are more fruity and palatable. At the end of the fermentation, occurs clarifications, filtrations and cold stabilization to guarantee the liveliness of the color and to prevent the formation of precipitates on the bottom of the bottle. After this, filtration and packaging.

Wine Descriptions

View: Clear, intense ruby color.
Aroma: It presents evolution in balanced and smooth wood (oak), complex and intense bouquet, red fruits, spices.
Mouth: Well balanced, soft and persistent, pleasing to the palate.

Wine Pairing

Opt for recipes with red meat or sauces. Grilled meats, stuffed and even with Madeira sauce. In pasta, lasagna and risotto, a good option is the Bolognese flavor.
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