Mato Perso is one of those places where you get delighted with the view. On vertiginous slopes like certain backs of women, valleys full of promises, waterfalls that make you breathe deeply.
As if this magic wasn't enough, the vineyards contains flying carpets, inviting to fly on a sunny trip.
Mato Perso is also Santa Juliana, with its mysteries.
Once I thought I had invented a place with this saint name, and then I discovered that it exists.
If it was not in my unconscious, the only possible explanation is that it was the breath of some angel: angel, teaches an old rabbi, is a name we should give to what we think is a strange coincidence.
Speaking of the angel, the church of Santa Juliana is the only one that has the devil on the altar.
The devil himself, not his usual dragon effigy
But do not be alarmed, it is not a satanic rite..
The devil is safely tied up, as it is done with angry dogs..
With the dog chained,
Mato Perso can be considered in paradise.
Unforgettable salamis, soft and provocative cheeses, loaves that are a little less than divine, can be savored without feeling the weight of sin.
But none of this would be perfect, if it weren’t for the wine.
In a place like that, the wine could only have, as it has, the name of Canção.
A wine that manages to take all the beauty and mystery of Santa Juliana into it.
An honest wine because, do not forget, the devil is tied up there at the altar, does not go down to the canteen to profane the purity of the grape.
Therefore, one can drink a glass of rustic Isabel and Bordô and have the surprise of discovering that there is a flavor in it that should not be forgotten, not to mention its luminous ruby color.
In fact, any of the wines are full of virtue. In the paradise of Santa Juliana, there is nothing to discuss. You just have to choose.
Text by José Clemente Pozenato
Our History

The history of Vinhos Canção began well before its name emerged: in 1938, when Antonio Basso, an Italian descendant, began to vinify grapes on the banks of the Farroupilha River, in the region of Mato Perso, interior of Flores da Cunha -Brazil. In the 70's, by his children José, Elias, Agostinho and Vitório Basso, the brand Canção was created. Using a strong tradition and a lot of work, the brothers conquered each piece of Brazil, making the brand gain national and international renown. By choosing Canção, the consumer does not only buy wine, but also the history of a company that has the responsibility of maintaining itself as one of the greatst table wine producers in the country. Canção is a synonym of family tradition combined with the dedication and commitment to making great wines.
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